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Week 3 and 4 where definitely a rush, as the project needed to come to an end. With Christmas arriving as well, planning where to put in the most energy wasn't always an easy task. But I finally got into flow and things started to fall in place.


Juice Recipes

With the seasonal calendar in front of me and tastebuds of friends ready to try all the combinations, I was all set to choose wich fruits and veggies made a good recipe.


Food Recipes

For some juices, the pulp itself did not really stick together. Chef Andi and Physicist Sue gave me some insight on how to bind the pulp and with a lot of try & error I got to a really simple recipe: adding 1/8 of the weight of the pulp in a flaxseeds, chia and sesame mix made it stick well enough to get a solid cracker without unnecessary effort.

Product Photos

I was really lucky that the light was just about right on that day. So I had to spend way less time adjusting all the pictures in Photoshop.



Wix is my way to go when its about websites. So I stuck to that and spent around three days for the main page and another two for the rest.


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